Jonathan Creek

The Viral Video Guy

A Keynote speaker, Award Winning Investigative Journalist and Creator of The Virable formula. Jonathan demystifies online video for business and reveals the secret ingredients you need to make videos that are contagious and trigger people to act. 5 years dissecting more than 1200 viral videos (those that spread rapidly across the internet), interviewing leading psychologists, behaviouralists and even Hollywood Directors about viral phenomena along with his work life experience in prime time television and advertising helped cracked the code. The result  -  an algorithmic formula that measures the viral DNA of video content. Known as "SPREAD FACTOR" (TM) it's the ingredient most content creators are missing...and it's the difference between millions of views and zero traction. It's brain science in an algorithmic formula that when reverse engineered delivers your audience 3 actionable categories that can be immediately understood and acted upon to drive higher levels of relevance, deeper connections and increased engagement. This is a high energy, interactive keynote from a straight shooting Speaker - and soon to be author of "Virable - The art and science of Viral videos."

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Insightful, Powerful and Highly Engaging Presentations everyone will remember!

Instead of 'talking' about the POWER of Viral videos,  audiences experience the FORCE first hand.

Guided to the moment where all they can do is FEEL their instincts taking control and triggering that need to share.

"Jonathan Creek is a viral video master and an amazing conference presenter. I saw him speak recently and he has cracked the code to what makes a video go viral and just mesmerised the audience with his skill and knowledge. If you want a great presenter with a great message, Jonathan Creek is your guy.". -Lindsay Adams CEO - Teamocracy

Imagine your audience learning not just a few points from a talk but the framework required to effortlessly create infectious messages using video. No matter what the style of your event, Jonathan can tailor unique solutions so that your audience can benefit from the full power of video.

"I found Jonathan to be easy to listen to & his knowledge of his subject matter was clearly deep. He is passionate but grounded in solid information. Put simply he's an expert in his field & you'll know it within minutes of hearing him speak." - The Rev. Director - MotoV8


The video era is now.

And everyone can benefit from knowing how to harness the power of  Video more effectively.

From Entrepreneurs to Businesses, Industry groups & Social media/ Marketing teams looking for the competitive edge.

Keynote Topic

  • Spread Factor - The formula that reveals why viral videos spread
  • Connection - The brain science that buys you time to influence viewer behaviours
  • Engagement - Trigger instinctive behaviour that Spreads your message
  • Relevance - The art of cutting through the noise, attracting attention and holding it, holding it and holding it again